What My Students Are Saying

"I was very fortunate to run into Daphnique during the beginning of my social media journey and she literally told me how to make money on Facebook and how to make the algorithm work for me on all of these different platforms - YouTube, Instagram. She was the first one to tell me to get on TikTok because of the algorithm. Everything that she's actually told me advice-wise has worked out and it's been one of those situations where I was like, man, if I didn't run into her and she didn't tell me what she told me, I never would have found out because people don't share information. And that's all she does is share information and try to uplift the people around her. So I'm very grateful for Daphnique and I thank you again, Daphnique, for helping me and caring enough to want to help me.So if anybody out there is looking for any type of help or any type of advice, she's giving it from a genuine place of warmth and help."

-Clayton Thomas, Comedian & Creator (@ctisdope @imclaytonthomas)

Nice to meet you!

Hi! My name is Daphnique Springs and I'm a comedian, social media influencer, and hopefully, your future instructor. Join me in this comprehensive course where I unveil the secrets behind building a thriving social media presence. With 4 MILLION followers on Facebook, 2.5 MILLION on TikTok, 741K on Instagram, and 589K on YouTube, I'll guide you through the strategies that led to my success. Learn the art of getting brand deals, securing your account, and uncovering various other valuable insights. Consider this course as the ultimate guide to making money from your online content.

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